6 month old photos

My baby girl turned 6 months old yesterday so naturally I took some photos. I know I’m bias, but she’s a cutie, and I love taking her picture!  She is normally very (VERY) smily but the second I pull out the iPhone she gets soooo serious.

Hopefully these poses give you some inspiration for taking pictures of your own little cutie.  The beads were just some of mine, and the feather and top-hat headbands were also mine.  The mirror I had purchased at a garage sale and painted a decade ago and we just needed to pull it off the girl’s wall.

The photos with the blanket on her head were taken while she was chilling in the crib in between outfits, but she looked so adorable I had to start snapping 🙂  As for her name in blocks… she knocked the blocks down instantly every time and it is only because of Splitter: for live photos that I was able to pull out the frame before they went flying.  It was later pointed out to me that I could have glued them together if I didn’t mind ruining a few blocks, so that’s an idea for you.


   Arista Sunshine - 6 months old photos

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