iPhone Portrait Mode

I had an iPhone 6+, and when the 6s and 6s+ came out, I switched to the 6s.  The plus was just too big for my hands!  Before the 7/7+ were announced we said that this year would be the year we didn’t get new phones… then they started talking about the camera on the 7+.  Optical zoom?  Yes please.  And something called “portrait mode”?  So… despite not really needing a new phone, AND not really liking how big the plus was, I got an iPhone 7+ on day one.

I still think it’s too big for my hands… but OMG do I love the portrait mode!  No regrets.

iPhoto Portrait Mode

Above are some of the photos I’ve taken in the past week.  Certainly I have used portrait mode before, but this past week has been really warm and we’ve been outside a lot.  It is when there is lots of natural light that the portrait mode really shines.

There are a couple of down sides.  The first being, as mention it does awesome in natural light… but when you’re inside and it’s not super well lit the photos can get grainy (in portrait mode, the normal camera does beautifully in most light).  The second challenge is that it takes a second to focus in portrait mode, and if you’re trying to photograph a child who never stops moving you can miss the smiles or end up with blurry photos.  I think 1/20th of the photos I took of Adeline turned out because she kept twirling and dancing.  But its digital, so I can take 100, no big deal!

If you’re on the edge I would say, do it, absolutely do it.  I love the camera on this phone!


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