One Year Old Photo Ideas

Faster than a blink my little Arista turned one!  As someone who is always snapping photos, I obviously needed to take some one year old photos of my little dearest.  When I looked online there were a lot of tutu and pearls photos, but that didn’t really fit her personality, so we went with some cute shortalls from Hanna Anderson for most of them.  Hopefully these can give you some ideas of your own.  They are just shot in the park next to our house.  I edited out cars from a couple of them.

We also took a few inside by her gifts.  I used the one in conjunction with the monthly photos’s I’d been taking with her month’s stickers.


Finally, we had to have a smash cake.  Apparently that’s a thing everyone does now 🙂  We had a special vegan cake made and it was absolutely delicious.  Unfortunately neither Arista (left) or Adeline (right) almost three years before, seemed terribly interested in actually smashing the cake!  We actually gave up with Adeline and gave her a spoon.  Oh well, still cute.



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