You don’t have to be rich to donate…

While it’s no secret that I hate most things about Trump, he did nudge me in the right direction on one thing.  Seeing him spew his hate and ignorance, and how many people sadly felt empowered by him to also spread hate and ignorance, I wanted to spread love… and science… knowledge… healthcare… you get the idea!

My thought was, even if I don’t have massive amounts of money to donate, it all adds up… right?  So I have a reoccurring reminder on my phone set up for the first of the month, and every month I donate a little bit.  Since the emergence of Trump we have donated to Project Chimps, Khan Academy, St. Jude, and Planned Parenthood.  I look forward to keeping up this new habit.

You can do it too.  If you have $10 to spare or $10,000, do something good with it!  If we all just give a little, we can do a lot. (Ok, that sounded corny, but its true, and on a selfish note you can feel good about doing it!)

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